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Garbanzo Bean Sprouting Seeds


Garbanzo Bean Sprouting Seeds

Garbanzo Bean Sprouting Seeds

by Handy Pantry


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Garbanzo Sprouting Directions: Soak eight hours, rinse and drain. Spread evenly in sprouter. Rinse sprouts two to three times per day for three or four days. Do not expose garbanzo sprouts to sunlight. The organic garbanzo sprouts will be ready to harvest and eat in 3 to 5 days. Three-fourths of a cup of chick peas makes about one quart of organic garbanzo sprouts.
Tip: Garbanzo sprouts make an enzyme rich humus when sprouted one to two days and mixed in a blender.


  • High Sprouting Germination Rate
  • Perfect for Edible Sprouts
  • Sprouts Gardening, Hydroponics
  • Growing Salad Sprouts
  • Survival Food Storage
  • Organic Sprout Cooking
  • And More...
  • Item Number: G-8OZ
  • UPC: 757281201229
  • Country of Origin: USA

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