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Barley Sprouting Seeds


Barley Sprouting Seeds

Barley Sprouting Seeds

by Handy Pantry


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Organic Barley Seeds for Ornamental Grass, for Juicing, Grind for Organic Barley Flour & Bread. USDA Certified Organic Whole Sprouting Barley Seed. Our Organic Barley Seed has an Excellent Germination Rate 7-10 days for organic barley grass.


  • Spectacular germination rate
  • Certified Organic
  • Beer Making
  • Food Storage
  • Growing Barley Grass
  • Animal Feed
  • Treating Stomach and colon orders
  • Possibly reducing the ristk of cancer
  • Lowering of cholesterol
  • General anti-inflammitory uses
  • Item Number: B-8
  • UPC: 757281200314
  • Country of Origin: USA

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